Online changes for Kaniva News

Online changes for Kaniva News

Kaniva News is moving to a different domain,

This will mean that we will no longer be using our existing domain,

We are marking the change with a new website theme.

We expect to have completed the move this week. was our original name.

We have chosen to go back to it to underline our commitment to being the best online Tongan news service.

We will continue reporting on Tongan news in New Zealand, the kingdom and around the world.

Kaniva is the only Tongan news website that run news seven days a week.

We are the most engaged Tongan news website on social media. Our Facebook page has more likes than any of our competitors.

We pride ourselves on following up every stage of current events in the Tongan community covering stage by stage as the events develop.

We also take pride in providing a Tongan perspective to news

Kaniva News has been serving the Tongan community in Auckland since 2009 and reaching a global audience since we went online in 2010.

We are a respected and trusted source of information, with our stories being picked up by local and international media.

We have considerable reach into the Kingdom of Tonga and Tongan communities in other countries.

After a short break, Kaniva News will resume its Tongan translation service.

This is in response to the high demand from our Tongan readers.

We will translate English news and stories into Tongan on our new website and new domain

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